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The Hatching of Blue Birdie

Blue Birdie started in 2017 as a way of bringing my wife and brand new baby girl (pic below) out with me on the course (well, kind of). Some people get their wife or kid’s name stamped on their club, or maybe bring a headcover that reminds them of their pet. Not long ago, I drew a bluejay on my golf ball as a way of bringing my family out on the course with me. Why a bluejay? Bluejays are known for having strong family bonds and every time my wife and I see one, we say a quick prayer for each other. When I’m not golfing, I design stuff for a living; Logos, branding, websites, iPhone apps, and more. I’ve been grinding over client work for the past 10 years and finally decided to make something for myself. Thus, Blue Birdie was born. I’ve started by designing head covers and will soon be making ball markers and other golf related accessories.

Most of my designs are limited releases for special occasions, such as the Majors, holidays, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at what I’ve been crafting up. If you want to follow along with me, follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter.